My first geometric compositions dating back to 1969, were made up exclusively of highly coloured circles and curves.
Over time, my work evolved with the curves being replaced by straight lines. I then prioritised simple shapes, flat squares or rectangles using gloss paints.
For some time now I have given my pieces some relief, some depth to the geometric shapes and I add coloured beading whose shadows create interesting graphics: the reflections of the colours enriching the colour harmonies.
When undertaking a project, I firstly sketch small versions onto which I place cardboard shapes to add relief and I test out several colour harmonies in crayon.
Currently | cut out my geometric shapes in `medium' which I then dye or wax, contrasting matt and gloss: the proportionality of it all being a constant worry as well as the relationship between the colours (of which I use very few at a time) between the shapes.

traduction : NEIL KERMODE